Newly produced part

Newly produced part

Posted by Terry on 6th Apr 2019

Great News

Fascia plugs (FDM100050PMA) are now available as a new product and our first newly manufactured item. They differ from the original as they have a smoother, satin finish surface, the originals were slightly textured and matt.

FDM100050PMA - fitting instructions

It is a common problem with old plugs for the lugs to break off, and to make it especially difficult, the plugs turn opposite ways for the two ends of the fascia vent.

Undo: The left hand plug twists anti clockwise and only about 5 degrees.

Undo: The right hand plug twists clockwise and again only about 5 degrees.

We have found a 2p piece, and if necessary a pair of needle nose pliers, makes the task of inserting and removing the plugs a lot easier due to angle of the windscreen.

If you still have difficulty lifting the plugs from the holes anything with a low tack adhesive, such as masking tape, simplifies the extraction. Always lift and carry to the side away from the vent, easy to drop the plugs into the vent!                                                                                0345 812 4000