About us

We established the business to help keep the beloved MGF and MG TF sports cars on the road economically.

The site is new and will have teething problems, so please help to make this the best place to obtain your parts by giving us feedback on anything that isn't working for you.

If you live in the Highlands or on the Islands then if your parcel is over 2kgs you will see a silly price for shipping - £100 - this is temporary whilst we calculate an accurate cost so please call us for a price based on your order size and weight.

If the item you want isn't in stock then it won't show on the site but please call as we may have it on a vehicle but not yet removed and cleaned.

We try and present all parts in a clean and presentable manner, however we frequently find cars that have been wax-oyled have so much gunk on them that it is best to leave them as is, it obviously protects them for the future but you will need gloves. If we ship something of this nature free gloves will be in the parcel!

New and refurbished parts will be added as soon as they are available. It is our intention to supply everything you need in used, refurbished or new status wherever possible.

Engines are all compression tested and oil pressure run and recorded before removal but are drained of oil for shipping as required by the shipping companies. Large units are safely and securely strapped and wrapped to pallets.

Suggestions for improvements and all feedback is welcome.

Thanks for visiting us, we hope you will buy and become happy customers for a long time.